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Is Fire Power Enthusiasts Safe? is committed to your safety. We are the only firearm related online auction that offers Buyer’s Protection. No other firearm internet dealer, gun collectibles online trader or classified ads (in print or offline) provides any form of protection against fraud.

We are committed to the privacy of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy explains how we safeguard your personal information and how we keep it safe from hackers and thieves.

Complaints about a buyer being defrauded by a seller are extremely rare at Fire Power Enthusiasts due to the steps we take to keep potentially malicious users off this site. In addition to our efforts to protect you from fraud, we recommend that buyers do the following:

  1. Always check the seller’s feedback rating before placing a bid on an item. You can use View User Feedback located on our Tools for Sellers or Tools for Buyers pages. There is also a link to the seller’s feedback on the View Item Page.
  2. Pay by credit card if possible. Credit cards give you specific legal rights in the event there is any problem with the transaction.
  3. If you do not wish to use credit cards, pay by US Post Office money order and send payment by US Mail. The Post Office is a strong resource in case of any problems.
  4. For items whose cost exceeds the limit of our Buyer’s Protection ($500), we strongly urge you to consider using an online Escrow Service. For a reasonable fee, they will hold your payment until you receive your purchase, and then will forward payment to the seller.
  5. You should think twice before using electronic payment systems like Bitcoin. With these services not only do you typically not have any rights if the transaction goes bad, you lose your ability to file a mail fraud claim because you are not “mailing” a payment.