CCI “APS” Large Rifle Primers Strip No. 200 | 1,000 Count




We worked with our sister company RCBS® to revolutionize primer handling. The APS strip primer feed system takes the tedium out of priming cases. You can get all CCI rifle/pistol primers (except No.34 and No.41) preloaded in self-feeding APS strips. Primers stay clean and oil-free because you don’t have to handle them individually. The strips are color-coded so you can quickly identify the primer type in use. Simply insert loaded strips in your APS-compatible reloading press or priming tool and start making ammo. Empty strips can be refilled with a special strip charging tool sold by RCBS. For more information on APS priming equipment, visit the RCBS web site by clicking here. APS strips can only be used in APS-ready RCBS equipment.


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