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When the market for firearms changes, it can change very quickly: Economic uncertainties and new social elements – like those we’ve seen in 2020 – can quickly cause a rise in demand, and that often includes brand new gun buyers. At Fire Power Enthusiasts, we’ve seen a lot of these new buyers, and we understand they may have questions or are doing plenty of research before they buy. To help out, we’ve created a quick guide for new buyers looking to purchase a firearm from Fire Power Enthusiasts or other stores online.

Buy New or Refurbished When Possible

As a first-time gun buyer, you’ve probably asked friends and family for advice and have received a plethora of opinions on new vs. used firearms. Many potential buyers don’t realize that you don’t need to buy new for your first firearm. Don’t discredit a used gun when considering all of your options on which firearm you should purchase. The goal is to find the best firearm for you within your specific budget. Sort through purchases on Fire Power Enthusiasts to make this easier.

Purchase for Usability

Don’t buy your first gun based on what looks or sounds cool. Instead, buy something that’s easy to use. Keep to a common caliber that’s easy to find ammunition for Fire Power Enthusiasts may also be able to help here), and look for a model that’s easy to care for and maintain over time. A more complex firearm isn’t suitable for newcomers, and a common caliber will help you save money, too.

Look for Ways to Save on Fees

Speaking of saving money, make sure to look for any available deals. Some fees are unavoidable, but others may be subject to discounts. On Fire Power Enthusiasts, for example, you can look for purchases with no extra fees or similar deals. Fire Power Enthusiasts also makes it easy to compare prices quickly, an ideal option when shopping around and avoiding scams.

Prepare for the Right Paperwork

Paperwork can vary, but you should expect at least a little work here. Background checks or proof of licensing may be required, and you will need to ship the gun to a registered dealer in your area. You also need to fill out Form 4473 for the federal government, and any associated forms, depending on your purchase. Consult our other Fire Power Enthusiasts guides and advice to learn more.

Don’t Buy a Gun for Someone Else

This is a mistake Fire Power Enthusiasts sees newcomers make more than most: Avoid buying a gun for someone else, including friends. Instead, focus on buying a gun for yourself. You cannot guarantee that another person has the necessary training, the ability to maintain a firearm, or even an interest in safely keeping a firearm at home. There is one caveat, buying for a direct family member such as purchasing a gift for Father’s Day is generally fine depending on your state’s transfer laws.

Arrange for Training Before You Buy

If this is your first firearm, you need to sign up for training locally – even if you’ve had firearm training in years past. Look for local communities and ranges you can join, preferably those that offer classes. A great is resource is

Recommendations For New Owners: Beginner Calibers & Firearms

Acquiring your first firearm can be a daunting task. The endless array of gun types and calibers will make any newcomer’s head spin. Fire Power Enthusiasts has several recommendations for beginners to get accustomed to before venturing into heavier firearms. Starting small is a great first step into the market, specifically acquiring a pistol or other small caliber firearm. Although pistols can use larger calibers, it is recommended to start with a .22 LR, .380 ACP, or a 9mm.

Even after selecting a caliber, there is still the task of finding the ‘perfect’ gun among an endless selection. Some of the more eye-catching pieces can also fetch a hefty price tag. Fire Power Enthusiasts suggests that you don’t break the bank on your first selection, recommending budget handguns that can still pack a punch. The Walther CCP has a 9mm caliber and can hold up to 8 rounds, designed for the concealed civilian market. The TriStar C-100 is another 9mm recommendation. It’s lightweight and compact with a 3.9-inch barrel length. It’s another firearm that is popular in the concealed carry market.

Keep in mind, we have plenty of other resources and products available at Fire Power Enthusiasts, including information for new buyers and sellers. Stop by our site to learn more and find the right deal for you!